Transaction and Advisory Services:

The evolving global economic situation and the ever-developing tax and allied laws in India is creating uncertainties that have made global and Indian companies look at new and innovative models to handle their ever-changing compliance, financial and operational risk challenges. The Bhuta Shah team armed with its vast experience and in-depth knowledge is in a position to be a suitable catalyst in its client’s growth and strengthen their strategic initiatives even with an international perspective.

Valuation services

Valuation is knowing the estimation of the value of any tangible or intangible items. It is an extremely expensive idea. Generally, valuations such as Compliance oriented valuations, Business Valuations, Intangible asset valuation, valuation under various tax laws, ESOP valuation etc., are required for diverse purposes. In today’s challenging environment, there is a need for robust and independent valuation services, which are aligned with globally accepted practices.

As part of Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP valuation service offering, we advise our clients with transparent and robust valuations for concluding transactions and meeting various regulatory and accounting requirements. Our valuation team is highly experienced and professionally capable of handling valuation assignments even in most complex situations where justifying the value of assets and liabilities is challenging and critical.

In today’s environment and to cope up with various laws, timely compliances plays a major role for a business to avoid any unnecessary costs. It is important for any business entity or individuals to comply and conduct their business as per the rules, laws and regulations that govern every business activity and transaction. Absence of proper and timely compliances according to various laws can affect business, also can hamper the reputation of the company and clients too.


Our compliance Oriented valuations includes:

  • Valuation report required for further issue of shares;
  • Valuation of Assets involved in arrangement of Non-Cash Transactions;
  • Valuation of shares, property and assets of the company under a scheme of Corporate Debt Restructuring;
  • Valuation of equity shares held by the Minority Share Holders;
  • Valuing asset for submission of report by liquidator;
  • Valuation required under SARFAESI Act;
  • Valuation for VISA Purposes;
  • Any other Compliance related services



A healthy compliance mechanism is characterized by a robust compliance plan, with clear objectives. It is not only necessary to make timely compliances but also to provide the accurate and true information while reporting. Our Valuation Compliance team comprises of the skilled and dynamic professionals who will help you plan your compliances well in advance and make effective utilization of resources to make up-to-date and error free compliance-oriented valuations. We at Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP have a dedicated team of professionals with various technical background for handling valuation services related to various laws and acts.

Business Valuation includes valuation of an entire business, a strategic business unit, a department or a particular store. Business valuation is critical for transactions including fund raising, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), sale of businesses, strategic business decisions like family or shareholders disputes, voluntary value assessment and also for regulatory compliance, tax and financial reporting purposes in India under RBI, Income Tax, Companies Act, SEBI Laws etc. Better Corporate Governance is also leading to requirement of independent Business Valuations.

Business valuation in India is a very important aspect in an entrepreneur’s journey since this monetary number values the time and effort, they have put in to grow the business. Business Valuation services will help the Startups and Entrepreneurs to understand the quantum of business stake to dilute or sell, to gain the required amount of capital investment. These services also help the prospective investors to evaluate the targeted startups and SME’s. 


We at Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP have the capability and expertise required for undertaking feasibility studies and valuations of Businesses and investment proposals. We assist the client in accurately evaluating financial effects of business plans, understanding of own overheads and profits, better price allocation during an acquisition and identifying its business worth.

Valuation of intangible assets is a complex exercise. The non-physical form of intangible assets makes it difficult to identify the future economic benefits that the enterprise can expect to derive from the intangible assets. Many intangible assets do not have alternative use and cannot be broken down into components or parts for resale. Further, intangibles assets do not have an active market and hence it becomes difficult to value them separately from the business. However, valuing intangible assets is a prominent requirement to know the actual worth of business in today’s environment.


Investors, lenders and other stake holders are getting increasingly alert to the importance and valuation of Intangible assets. The importance of valuing intangible assets arises from the fact that the reported net worth of business may not represent its true value, which more often is in the form of intangibles. Also, IndAS 38 requires impairment assessment of intangible assets on an annual basis and whenever there is an indication that the intangible asset is impaired.


The need for valuation of intangible assets is for Business Combinations, financial reporting under Ind AS or IFRS, Join-venture negotiations, licensing and Franchising, Impairment testing and for Internal assessments etc. Thus, considering the growing need and importance of valuation of intangible assets we at Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP helps clients to estimate and assign the value to their intangible assets using valuation approaches and methodologies which are globally recognized.

Financial Modelling is the process of creating a summary of company’s expenses and earnings in the form of a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the impact of a future event or decision. Financial Modeling is a representation in number of company’s operations in the past, present and the forecasted future. Such models are intended to be used as decision-making tools.


Financial models are used to estimate the valuation of a business or to compare businesses to their peers in the industry. They are also used in strategic planning, calculate the cost of new projects, decide on budgets and most prominently to allocate corporate resources in a best possible manner.


We at Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP understand the forecasting business trends and provides a comprehensive range of financial modeling that helps business analyze data more efficiently. We take the load off our clients with specialized financial modeling services, allowing them to focus on core activities like deal structuring and client initiatives. Our financial modeling services includes Cash Flow analysis and Cash Flow Forecasting, calculating profitability of a product or Business Segment, Budgeting and Assessing Balance Sheets and Target Forecast.

Employee stock option plans are the most imperative type of compensation for the key employees of the organization. ESOPs are set up as trust funds and can be funded by companies putting newly issued shares into them, or borrowing money through the entity to buy company shares.


ESOPs are generally issued to motivate, reward and retain employees. It also provides an exit strategy for changing owners or founders of an organization. Thus, ESOP valuation plays a significant role in the success of an ESOP Scheme. Further, in India is the ever-changing and complex nature of corporate taxation and regulatory compliances. Keeping pace with new compliances and meeting them becomes a daunting task for most businesses. Doing business around the world can bring compliance challenges and hurdles with each country having its own set of specialized rules and regulations


We at Bhuta Shah & Co. LLP assist in ESOP valuation for listed and unlisted entities, valuation of sweat equity shares & services by estimating the value of the options for regulatory compliance and tax purposes for the employers as well as employees.

Transaction Structuring and Advisory Services:

Transactions are significant events in the life of a business, so the stakes are high for both buyers and sellers. Inorganic growth is broadly driven by larger economic themes as organizations today have to reconfigure their strategic initiatives to match macro events and adjust to externalities that change the dynamics of their value chain or competitive landscape. Inorganic expansion can catalyse creation of substantial shareholder wealth, but equally, it can also erode value.

Acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations, demergers, joint ventures all these activities have been growing rapidly over the last few years, aided by increased foreign investment and changes in Government policy. As deals grow in size and become more complex, the regulations surrounding these transactions also grow more stringent. Both the target and the acquirer require expert guidance and advice on financial facets of the transaction and their implications for them.

We at Bhuta Shah, believe that a successful transaction is the result of a well thought-out process that requires thorough understanding of the commercial, regulatory and tax implications. Our focus is to handhold our clients through the entire transaction process.

Our holistic approach to Transaction Advisory comes from thorough understanding from ground realities. It may be challenging for concluding deals involving mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, making it essential for such deals to be handled with great care and expertise. The softer issues such as target management integrity and reputation into the markets, local market know-how and cultural aspects plays a vital role in the decision making for the Investor. The success of a deal may hinge on the ability to discover and analyze the missing pieces.


Our team of professionals has experience in advising on transactions in diverse sectors including real-estate, manufacturing, pharma, logistics, crowd funding, hospitality etc. We follow a systematic approach to deliver optimum value to our clients through support at all steps of a transaction.

Our services are designed to provide a complete suite of financial and strategic advisory services in a manner that helps you drive transactions in the most efficient and effective way. We strive to work as a trusted partner, assisting the company in achieving its goal.

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Financial statements reporting is paramount since it is report card on company’s performance for the fiscal period. It enables the management and owners pursue the objective of achieving business strategies, fund raise, capital allocation, merger and acquisition.
We, at BSC, have experienced professionals who have hands on experience on providing GAAP/Ind-AS/IFRS Services, developing SOPs on financial reporting process and end to end solutions and support services relating to complex financial accounting requirements in a wide range of scenarios:-
  • GAAP conversions
  • Consolidation
  • IPO Support
  • Accounting Manual and SOP documentation
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Transaction accounting
  • Impact assessment of new standards
This service includes supporting accounting, payroll and regulatory functions of the business, so that Clients can focus on their business. This can briefly be divided into the following services:
Managed accounting solutions:
  • Helping and assisting in accounting and accounting systems and protocols and maintaining books of account.
  • Assisting clients in solving complex accounting transactions.
  • Advising clients on tax effectiveness and efficiency.
Statutory Tax Compliances:
Preparing details and workings for TDS, Advance tax, GST, Provident fund, ESIC, Profession tax, etc. and making timely payments and filing returns within the respective due dates to avoid interest and penalties.
Secretarial Services:
With a secretarial service in place, a company can be assured that there will be the timely completion of the statutory filings because a default in them can lead to serious consequences like fine, legal battle even imprisonment. The company can be free from these problems because secretarial service takes care of all these legalities and compliance issues.
Payroll Management:
Preparing monthly payroll register with deduction of TDS and other statutory dues and payroll processing.
Vendor payment & banking transactions:
Handling banking transactions on behalf of clients – making vendor payments, statutory payments, etc.
Vendor and customer accounts reconciliation:
Co-ordinating with the parties of the clients for providing ledgers and reconciling the accounts on periodic basis.
Cash flow and working capital management:
Managing cash flows and working capital of the Clients
MIS Reporting:
Providing MIS report on periodic basis to the Management for decision making. Business managers at all levels of an organization, from assistant managers to executives, rely on reports generated from these systems to help them evaluate their business’ daily activities or problems that arise, make decisions and track progress.

Risk Advisory

With the changing external and internal environment, businesses are under constant pressure to maintain the effectiveness of their processes and controls. Any failure in executing or managing critical operations can not only impact the organization to a great extent, but also creates a negative impression on the organization’s stakeholder values. With an increase in corporate failures, there is an additional focus from regulators, financial institutions, as well as independent directors on the way various processes, controls and IT securities are being managed. Our risk advisory services is a combination of process, IT security experts. The team has an array of experts possessing industry-specific expertise.
Our Risk Advisory Services encompass the following:
Internal Audit:
At BSC We combine our industry knowledge with our risk-based internal audit methodology and tailor our internal audit offering to your size, sector, risk appetite and regulatory requirements.
Management Audit:
Our Management audit services designed to enhance the effectiveness of management actions. Our experienced team of auditor provides assistance to the clients in managing their key business concerns, be it achieving strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms or managing reporting requirements. Productivity and competence of Management are key determinants of an organization’s success.
IT Risk Advisory:
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Governance Risk and Compliance

Internal Financial Control:
BSC’s Internal Financial Controls Framework (IFC) has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013. This framework focuses on financial controls’ effectiveness through a continuous cycle of self-assessment and independent credence based on various internal financial control elements.
BSC’s Internal Financial Controls Framework considers a holistic approach by focusing on two levels i.e.
  • Entity level
  • Process level
The framework and approach is in alignment with globally accepted guidelines such as COSO 2013.